Trump or Clinton: An Easy Choice

Some Christians have temporarily lost their minds. They are voting for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump. They should vote for Trump. They should pray Hillary loses.

Some Basic Behavior

They have reasons they don’t like Trump. His comments caught on tape eleven years ago are bad. But they are not disqualifying. He said it was talk, not actions. It was eleven years ago. He has apologized. And there is no indication that he carries on that way now. On the other hand, if what Colin Powell says about Bill Clinton is true and Hillary wins, Bill can entertain at the White House like he does at Chappaqua. And there is little reason to believe that Hillary’s lifestyle will be commendable if she takes up residence there again.  

Trump is considered to be brash and a braggart. He’s taken for rude and insensitive. He’s considered a hothead. This has caused offense to some Christians committed exclusively to self-effacement and a gentle discourse. A biblical argument can be made (some other time) against such exclusive commitments. But for better or worse, in this political season of the American experience these characteristics, viewed differently, are assets.

To be brash and a braggart is to be bold and confident in one’s training, experience and expertise. Boldness and confidence are not inevitably pinned to pride.  “No brag, just fact,” as Walter Brennan said.

As to rude and insensitive, he’s had his missteps. But he has been willing to say the hard things and so many Americans have been waiting for someone with some public profile to call a spade a spade.

As to being a hothead, Hillary is the one with the bad report from the secret service agents who consider being assigned to her a form of punishment.–being-assigned-to-hillary-clinton-s-secret-service-detail-“a-form-of-punishment”-213322171.html.  We are all much better off with the football in Trump’s hands.

Why the Left Hates Trump So Much

Trump, qua Trump – Trump precisely in all his character and essence as Trump – has accomplished two essential things. He has cut through the censors’ veil of political correctness and he has emboldened “the masses” to revolt. For both of these things, those who hold political power hate him.

Hillary Clinton has been a great fan of Saul Alinsky. Her 92-page senior thesis at Wellesly College was titled “There is only the fight…An Analysis on the Alinsky Model.” Jen Kuznicki’s article, Alinsky’s daughter: Here’s the Truth about Hillary the Media Won’t Tell You, is worth reading. Kuznicki writes:

Hillary describes Alinsky as a “neo-Hobbesian who objects to the consensual mystique surrounding political processes; for him, conflict is the route to power.” Alinsky’s central focus, she notes, is that the community organizer must understand that conflict will arise and to redirect it and, as she quoted him in her thesis, be “…dedicated to changing the character of life of a particular community [and] has an initial function of serving as an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions… to provide a channel into which they can pour their frustration of the past; to create a mechanism which can drain off underlying guilt for having accepted the previous situation for so long a time. When those who represent the status quo label you [i.e. the community organizer] as an ‘agitator’ they are completely correct, for that is, in one word, your function–to agitate to the point of conflict.”

As things have turned out, Trump has Alinskyed both Clinton and the global gatekeepers.

1) Trump understood that conflict would arise. Clinton would engage in the politics of personal destruction. The “Establishment” (political, media, financial, educational, etc.) would not give up power, position, and crony-profit without a fight. Of all the candidates in the Republican primary, Trump had the most muscle to take them on.

2) Trump understood that the conflict had to be redirected. After decades of being battered and beaten by those on the left, those holding traditional American values found in Trump’s voice the renewed will to raise their own. Their beliefs were not the problem. They were the solution. And they were worth fighting for. The statists and globalist were put on the defensive and were losing all claim of holding the moral high ground.

3) Trump has been dedicated to “changing the character of life of a particular community.” America would need to focus on getting its own house in order consistent with the values that once made it a great nation.  It would, in fact, have to reform and get its house in order if it were to save itself and truly help others.

4) Trump has served “as an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community.” On this point, and #5 below, Trump has been the most irritating to the left (and some Christians), and most effective in trying to turn the big ship of state in the opposite direction. The Left has made its living and secured its power by irritating various segments of society. It heightened the divisions between sexes, races, and any other group it could find. It aimed at raising resentments. Trump, on the other hand, has simply been speaking to the people the Left has been blaming and abusing for so long.  It is their concerns, their “resentments,” that Trump has been rubbing raw.  He has broken all the rules of political correctness. Along with Wikileaks he has highlighted all the deceit, self-dealing, and incompetence of those wearing the masks of sanctimony, altruism and “experience.” He has ripped off their masks and exposed them in the bright lights for all to see. The resentments of the people (all the wrong people, as far as the Left is concerned) are at a high. And those ever in search of power, state control, and insider business deals hate him for it.

5) Trump has fanned “latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions.” Day after day, and all throughout the day, Trump gets thousands at his rallies. The people are expressive. They are ready to vote. They are ready for a change. Now and then Hillary goes to college campuses that have students happy for an excuse to get out of class. If the likes of Beyonce and Springsteen are on hand, a real crowd might show up.

6) Trump has provided “a channel into which they can pour their frustration of the past.” They can get him elected.

7) Trump has created “a mechanism which can drain off underlying guilt for having accepted the previous situation for so long a time.” After they get him elected, he will work on their behalf to bring the reforms they want.

I am a boxing fan. I have no personal experience doing it. I am no expert at it. But I enjoy watching the old matches on YouTube, and Ali especially. In one, The Greatest was moving about the ring prior to the opening bell. As Ali loosened up I noticed a fellow in the ring just standing there looking out at the massive crowd. It was Trump. There he was, in the middle of it all.  In another I saw Ali sitting in the stands waiting to watch two other contestants fight. Sitting next to him was Trump. It dawned on me. Most people would be impressed with attention from the media. They would like to be stars. They would like to live in the reflected glory of the stars. They would want the attention of those in positions of power and influence. They would want the power and influence themselves. Trump really doesn’t seem to give a hoot about any of this. He’s been at the center of the action for decades. He’s had the stardom, the power, and the influence. They do not seem to impress him now. Those who have them do not seem to impress him. And he does not fear those who have them. He is not afraid to disrupt their world. And he can disrupt their world. He can deliver a knock out punch.

We need someone who can and will disrupt their world – and make way for a new one.

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