goats-692660__180People often fail to speak up when they should.

We don’t always have to speak up and oppose every error.  Jesus didn’t.

But often we should speak up. Jesus often did.

It is worthwhile sorting out in our minds why we don’t when we should.  It’s often some combination of fear and ignorance.  We are not really sure what to say.  We may be disliked, even opposed, for speaking up.

But these impediments can and should be overcome.  Watch the following videos to see some effective advocacy in action.  They are short and well worth the time spent watching.

Here humor and simple arguments are used well to expose defects in socialism. Use humor when you can.  It is disarming.  It can make an argument or opinion easier to accept.  (Hollywood has been using humor for years to mainstream liberalism.)

Here Ben Shapiro succinctly reframes an issue: honoring heroism or “mainstreaming delusion.”  Focus on facts; they should guide feelings.  He responds calmly to a threat of physical violence with a simple reference to the appropriate way to handle political discussion. Calm is good. It’s also difficult for a liberal to argue against having an open dialogue about political opinions. (You can skip the first minute.)

Here Ben Shapiro easily and artfully disarms a liberal on gun control. Liberals shouldn’t be allowed to bully or get by with claiming that those who disagree with them just don’t care about people.  If there is going to be a debate it ought to be on the merits of a policy.

In the end, people usually feel better for having spoken up. It’s usually the right thing to do. The skills needed to do it can be learned and the fears overcome. More importantly, you will have benefitted others if you have been able to tell them the truth. Pass along these videos to others.  It might generate some helpful conversation.  It might help them speak up when the next opportunity arises.

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