The investigative journalist, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, has recently published startling videos on voting corruption. Anyone who hasn’t seen them should. Make sure your friends have.  Send them some of these (but watch them yourself first).

Voting corruption itself is not startling. The startling aspect of the O’Keefe accounts is how open and pervasive the fraud has become. Walk up to the campaign staff of various candidates in very public places, tell them you are not a U. S. citizen but would like to vote anyway for a candidate they like, and they tell you to go ahead and vote as long as you have a registration card! From Brazil? No problem. Got a registration card? Great! You should be fine.

One campaign worker is the husband of the candidate; his wife is running for judge! Another is the father of a fellow also running for judge. Like father like son? Who knows what “justice” one would receive if they make it to the bench. There was also the campaign manager for a fellow wanting to be the county sheriff! Not likely he will be investigating the conduct of his own staff after the election.

The fraud seems to be open and everywhere. There seems to be little outrage.

But as bad as the fraud may be, what’s worse is that those who can vote and believe in sound policies often don’t bother to vote.

Those who like liberty and have the right to vote ought to vote. Their voice and influence at the ballot box would far outweigh that of those who vote but shouldn’t.  If all those who love liberty and opportunity vote, we might well end up with more and better stewards of the public trust and fewer at the public trough. The appeal of liberty and opportunity might actually come to have a greater appeal to society at large than a government check and “womb-to-tomb security.” It’s bad enough that the social “safety-net” for the needy can be converted easily enough into a hammock for the lazy. It’s much worse that it becomes the “spider web” of the state that slowly sucks away all ambition for fruitful enterprise and any incentive to oppose greater and greater state control of every area of life. There are better ways to bring help to those in need. There are greater opportunities ahead for all if those who value liberty will exercise their right to vote.

Make sure all your friends go vote.  Send them O’Keefe’s videos.  They’re good motivation.

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